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Vaginismus Support

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This is a community for people with vaginismus, as well as their partners. We also welcome people who experience similar conditions such as vulvodynia.

This is a support community, but also a community to share information and spread awareness of vaginismus; it is a private and safe place to communicate about this issue and related topics. We welcome users who wish to protect their privacy by using an alternative LJ account, and we encourage friends-only posting within the community.

It is important to us to provide a space for your voice, therefore we welcome shared experiences or other discussions concerning abuse and trauma, however please post appropriate trigger warnings so that other survivors can avoid upsetting content if they choose to. For example, it's a good idea to put a warning at the beginning of your post if you mention something like partner abuse, child abuse, molestation, domestic violence, etc.

All orientations, genders, and sex identifications are welcome here. We are poly- and kink-friendly.

If you would like to join, comment to this post or message the moderator. If you choose to message the moderator via LiveJournal's internal messaging system, please update your profile contact info to enable messages from LJ users you are not friends with. Once you have been approved for membership and informed you have been invited, go to your invites to accept the invitation.

What is Vaginismus?
A person with vaginismus experiences spasms in the pelvic muscles that may be strong enough to be quite painful. Since the genitals are surrounded by these muscles, the opening is often constricted so that insertion of a speculum in a pelvic exam or penetrative sex is uncomfortable or even impossible. The cause of vaginismus is debated and varied -- some attribute it to trauma resulting from sexual violence, others attribute it to strict moral upbringing which resulted in associating sex with shame, and others still have no explanation whatsoever. Some people have always had it and some people develop it. With information, support, and effort, it can often be overcome.

Vaginismus Links
- Basic info and treatment from vaginismus.com
- Basic info and treatment from peaceandhealing.com
- Wikipedia's article on vaginismus
- Yahoo! egroup for vaginismus support
- Assorted info and stories from womentc.com
- Vaginal dialators you can purchase online
- Information on vulvodynia
- Vaginismus-Awareness-Network.org
- Feminists With Female Sexual Dysfunction

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