mellebelle90 (mellebelle90) wrote in vaginismus,

is this really vaginismus?

Hi, i'm new to this community, and i've got some questions about whether or not i really have vaginismus. ive never had pain inserting tampons, or doing any type of sexual activities except for intercourse, but whenever i do attempt to have intercourse or when i am examined at the gynocologist, i end up sobbing from the pain! ive only had 2 sexual partners, the first of which i was ina rocky relationship with and we only had sex a few times, however, there was not any pain during sex. my second partner is my boyfriend of over 2 years, whom i have a fantastic relationship with, but i do have extreme pain when having sex with him. does anyone know why im having pain in the good relationship, and i didnt during the bad relationship? or if i even have vaginismus, considering i only have pain when having sex or when at the doctors? my gynocologist says it may be vaginismus, but he kind of just brushed it off like there was nothing he could do. does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? thanks :)
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