mig22 (mig22) wrote in vaginismus,

My Beginning...

As odd as I feel about creating a forum, I'm told that sometimes it can help to hear from others who may understand. I'm 24 and I've finally discovered and accepted that I suffer from Vaginismus. Every since I hit puberty, I've had trouble regarding that area of my body. Never could use tampons, extreme pain during my annual exams (I even kicked a doctor once), and sex? Let's just say my high school sweetheart and now fiance (together for over 7 years) and I have a limited amount of it. However, I'm fortunate that he's as understanding as he is. After having enough of dealing with the pain every time, I did the research and pondered back and forth as to whether this is truly my problem. Amazed that other women received the same responses from their doctors as I did when asking for help. I was even told that my fiance wasn't doing it right! And while I unfortunately can't afford to purchase the pricey dilators and self help books, I'm determined to do what I can in order to beat this and for once enjoy a fully fledged relationship with my fiance.
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