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My first real success in nearly three years. =O

I've been using the dilators from the Vaginismus Kit and although I am able to get them in, I really cannot do it without any physical simulation.
Even once it's in! 'Cause if I stop, my vagina will tighten up again and there'll be no way of getting anywhere! I've been trying to insert my dilator without any other stimulation, but it just.. does not work whatsoever still. If I try, it's like my PC muscles are literally burning like there's no tomorrow! So, I gave up 'part from last night.. admittedly, I inserted the dilator whilst stimulated, but then I stopped and continued with just the dilator and IT WORKED. With ease, I was able to slide it inside and out. I did this for quite some time. AH!! It was great.

For the first time, I feel like I can truly say I might be able to have sex someday. =D
Wanted to share it with people who understand how much this means to me. Heh. Wish me luck for the future~ x

Good luck to you also! xx

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