waruma (waruma) wrote in vaginismus,

Hello! Thanks for having me!

I was diagnosed with vulvadina a few months ago after 37 years of being in the dark about what was wrong. I didn't even know anything was wrong with me, except for of course the excruciating pain. I didn't even know that there WAS a word for what I was experiencing... I've been having success with pelvic floor PT and was hoping to learn as well as be able to share what I;ve been experiening. 

I was prescribed Lidocane/Gabapentin topical gel which has been a lifesaver, for those of you who might behaving problems with dialators, this gel is a numbing agent, (lidocane) with a nerve ending calming agent (gabapentin).  I used this get before an internal exam by my PT and felt no pain at all. (shoc I will be getting the dialators soon and plan to combine the gel to help with the process.  The purpose of the gel is to eventually calm the nerves inside that only seem to register pain.  It has been helping.  Has anyone else used this type of gel before for treatment?


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