nomad____ (nomad____) wrote in vaginismus,

Dilator advice

Hello! I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me their thoughts as to what brand/type of vaginal dilators to purchase. I have never been diagnosed with vaginismus, but I have struggled with issues inserting anything at all up there, it used to be just a brick wall at the entrance, and I was actually diagnosed with a microperforate hymen (the hole is mad small), and I had surgery, a hymenectomy, a little over a month to remove the whole damn thing. It has definitely helped, and I now can insert a tampon, but nothing else larger it doesn't seem, and dilators seem like the best plan of action for me now that I can finally even attempt to insert things. My doctor told me I will probably need them to help me get comfortable with larger things also. I am buying them over the internet, and haven't found any sites that are useful in recommendations or advice or any of that jazz, so I thought I would turn to you lovely folks =]. Any advice is incredibly appreciated!

EDIT- Also, just wondering, is there any real intelligent reason that these vaginal dilators are only available with permission from your doctor ?
lol it doesn't seem really reasonable to me, but the FDA isn't a big fan of being reasonable it doesn't seem. =] Sorry, mini-rant.
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