bound hedonism (caged_flames) wrote in vaginismus,
bound hedonism

V and feeling sexy

So I feel like, my confidence has been somehow impacted by the V.
I used to be a dancer. No inhibitions when I was young. I guess as I got older, I associated dancing with sex, or sexiness. I feel like maybe, because I have all these issues with sex, its really hard for me to feel sexy, and hard for me to enjoy it when I do feel sexy. So I feel, anxious/guilty/awkward/fraudulent on the rare occasions when I do feel sexy. I feel like my feeling like that is a falsehood. When I feel sexy for a moment, a moment later everything comes crashing down and I feel like a fake. its extremely hard for me to dance in public anymore. Like somehow it is all intertwined. Does that make any sense to anyone else? Do any of you have the same feelings? Would sex therapy help? Does it help when you finally are able to have sex? How do you cope with these weird feelings?
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